Treasured Flowers. Probably the best preserved flowers in the UK

Are you searching for home decor or that stunning Christmas gift , then Treasured Flowers provides the perfect solution. We create beautiful floral displays in hand crafted glass vases, using only real freshly hand-picked flowers. Bouquets last for days, our floral displays last for many years 

 We use a unique drying technique to ensure each freshly picked flower stays looking at its very best. We then arrange the flowers along with a selection of appropriate natural foliage so they look amazing from every angle.

 The display goes into a hand crafted glass vase  which is then sealed. When finished the glass vase is completely airtight and watertight. The exciting colours of the real flowers are preserved for many years. Furthermore the entire process ensures they remain in their original form inside the vase.

 Our flower arrangements are perfect for all kinds of situations and occasions. They can even be used outdoors.

 Here are just some of the ways you can use your displays:

Ideal birthday and Christmas gifts

Home Decor

Ideal Gift for the person who has everything 

A special wedding anniversary

Special Gift for Mothers

 How will you use yours?


 Perfect for all budgets too

 You might be surprised to discover how affordable our Treasured Flowers arrangements are. We offer a wide range of great floral arrangements of REAL flowers that have been preserved at all price points. You are sure to find the right mix of flowers, size and price to suit your needs.

 Order your Treasured Flowers today!

 It couldn’t be easier to order your display of real flowers preserved in a glass vase. Take a look at our collection now,

We look forward to sending you your carefully created floral masterpiece.    



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